About Us Started from the bottom and now we here!

Clear Lake Recording Studios has been recording great music in the same North Hollywood location for over 25 years. Studio A was the first room to be completed and has remained the premier room at Clear Lake. Original owner, Brian Levi, enlisted George Augspberger, the famed acoustician, to design and tune the studio. The live room was designed to make drums and other acoustic instruments sound huge, but also allow for the flexibility in ambience that many other instruments require. The control room was designed to be spacious and comfortable while maintaining incredibly accurate acoustics. The Trident 80B console was selected as the console most suited as the center piece for a great tracking room. Studio B was added in 1992 and Studio C in 2000. They accommodate longer term projects. In 2012, Eric Milos purchased Clear Lake Recording Studios from Brian and immediately started renovating the existing spaces by installing all new flooring, upgrading the air conditioning, transforming the lounge with new furniture, cabinets and appliances, painting throughout as well as creating a private outdoor lounge. A facelift at the studio entrance completed the transformation. In addition, Eric added Studio D, a post-production studio available for longer term projects. While the construction was being completed, key pieces of equipment were added and new computer and software purchased to make sure clients had all the latest tools at their disposal.